Proudly sponsoring Network Implementation
Beckhoff implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and Fieldbus Components, Drive Technology and automation software. Products can be used as separate components or integrated into a complete and seamless control system. The Beckhoff “New Automation Technology” philosophy represents universal and open control and automation solutions that are used worldwide.
Proudly sponsoring Best PLC, HMI & Sensor Product
Bestech Australia supplies state of the art industrial sensors, instrumentation and teaching equipment from world leading manufacturers, and provides quality customer service. Bestech delivers a wide range of products for university and research laboratories as well as various applications in manufacturing, military, mining, steel, rail, construction, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and water industries.
Proudly sponsoring Young Achiever of the Year
Independence, Innovation and Leadership are the core values that continue to drive and motivate SICK. For more than 60 years SICK has continued to develop a long line of industry firsts to protect personnel and machinery. As inventors and innovators SICK is proud to once again align with the spirit of the awards and in particular the Young Achiever of the Year award.
Proudly sponsoring Machine Builder
At B&R Automation, "Perfection in Automation" means we put all of our knowledge and creativity into developing products that become trendsetting innovations. At B&R, we turn this motto into reality by providing customers with a complete automation solution that provides maximum flexibility and economic efficiency. From customised products to large-scale series production, meeting our customers' needs is our main focus.




The PACE Zenith Awards recognise and celebrate innovation and excellence in the process control and automation industries and it is these qualities that will also resonate with sponsorship. Sponsorship of the Zenith Awards enables companies to align themselves with specific industry categories in order to build superior brand equity within a unique environment for stronger return on investment. As a sponsor, you will have the naming rights for the award of your choice, and the privilege of presenting the award to a well-deserved winner. You will also receive 10 tickets to the gala dinner and take advantage of strong brand recognition through an extensive pre, during and post event-marketing campaign.

For those companies wanting to be seen as a category thought leader, proactive industry participant and a supporter of Australia’s automation and process control industry, then the PACE Zenith Awards are the ideal sponsorship opportunity.


For more information on sponsorship opportunities please contact:

David Dodd, National Key Account Manager
T: 0431 024 987
E: david.dodd@primecreative.com.au